How to Get Stone Dust in V Rising

Find out how to get Stone Dust in V Rising!

by Shaun Cichacki


In the world of V Rising, you’ll need to do everything from building your own castle, to making machines. You’ll also need to fight bosses, and do everything you can to survive until you become the strongest in all the land.

If you’re looking to get started in the game, one of the first quests you’ll need to do is create a roof for your castle. To do this, you’re going to need to make some specific machines, as well as craft some specific materials. Thankfully, if you’re looking to create Stone Dust, you’ll be on the right track during this quest, but we’re here to help you sink your fangs even further into the game, and find out exactly what you’ll need to do to get your hands on some Stone Dust!

Sticks and Stones Rule Supreme in V Rising


If you’re looking to get a roof on your castle quickly and easily, you’ll need to make sure that you’ve started crafting different machines. There are a few machines that are going to come in handy through your journey, such as the Sawmill, Grinder, and Tannery, which will allow you to start taking things you’ve found in the world and turn them into much more useful and valuable items.

However, for this one, we are mainly going to be focusing on the Grinder, as you’ll need to use this to start making as much Stone Dust as possible, as well as Stone Bricks! Once you have begun your journey into the world and started getting your hands on quite a few raw stones, you’ll have the basics of what you’ll need to start making Stone Dust. Once you have amassed a fair amount of these stones, you’ll want to make your way back to your castle.

If you’re looking to create the Grinder, if you haven’t already, you’ll need:

  • 8 Planks
  • 4 Copper Ingots
  • 4 Whetstones

Once you have created the Grinder, you’ll need to place 12 Raw Stones into it to receive 1 Stone Brick, as well as 1 Stone Dust. Stone Dust is a very valuable material, as once you unlock the Furnace, you’ll be able to use this leftover material to begin crafting more Whetstones.

You’ll need to fight, craft and survive harder than ever in V Rising, so making sure that your castle is decked out with everything you need as soon as possible is one of the key ways to make sure that you live to see another night.

V Rising is available now, in early access, on Microsoft Windows.

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