How To Get The Fist Soul Card in Neon White

Find out what the Fist Card is in Neon White!

by Shaun Cichacki


If you’re either looking to hunt for achievements or struggling to make your way through a level in Neon White, you may find yourself hit with a stroke of bad luck. You’ll start every stage, no matter how long or short, with 30 Swings of your Katana Soul Card, but if you happen to use that up, you may be stuck with something that isn’t exactly great.

What is the Fist Soul Card, and how useless is it? Let us get into the details of this card, and how you’ll get it.

Fist Soul Card in Neon White

Like we had mentioned above, you start every level with 30 swings in your Katana, and you’ll be able to use that to chop through enemies, hit exploding barrels to propel yourself upwards, and more. But, if you happen to use up all of your slashes, you’ll be granted the First Soul Card, which is just about as useless as they come. You’ll end up getting killed by an enemy before you finally cause any significant damage to them, they are much slower than your katana but could be a great way to test your skills if you want to see how good you are at the game.

There are plenty of ways that you can avoid getting stuck with the Fist Soul Card, but if you’re hunting for all of the achievements that this game has to offer, you’re going to need to get them at least once in your playthrough. While you’re doing that, make sure that you’re also checking into the Cathedral every once in a while to spend your Heavenly Delight tickets, since you’ll be able to get your hands on a great katana once you finish the pyramid.

You’ll be able to experience a great time, no matter the platform you choose to play on, so make sure that you’re ready to get all of the Ace Medals you can while listening to the amazing voice acting and soundtrack, as you turn and burn through the story mode and aim for the true ending.

Neon White is available on June 16th on Nintendo Switch and PC.

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