How to Get the Good Rod in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Land the catch of the day.

by Connor Christie
God Rod Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl

Fishing returns in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl with the classic trio of rods, including the Good Rod. Between the Old Rod and the Super Rod, the Good Rod is a handy item for anyone who wants to add some rarer Water-type Pokémon to their team mid-game.

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Before doing this, you need first to have the Old Rod from the fisherman in Jubilife City. The Old Rod is not suitable for much besides endless Magikarp, but you will need it to prove yourself to the holder of the Good Rod further down the road.

How to Get the Good Rod

Once you have access to Hearthome City and have visited the Contest Hall and bested your rival again, look for the eastern exit of the town where a Hiker stands. Walk by the hiker and through the gate to Route 209 before continuing right for a few steps to find a lone fisherman casting off a dock. Just for having the Old Rod, this fisherman will reward you with your very own Good Rod.


With your Good Rod in your inventory, you can set it to one of your registered items for easier use. First, go into your Bag and head to the Key Items menu. From here, you can register items to be used by simply clicking the + button in-game and selecting from one of four possible registered items.

How to Fish for Pokémon with the Good Rod

Now you’ve got your Good Rod, take to the many bodies of water littered throughout Sinnoh to find some new Water-type Pokemon. To fish, stand facing the water and select your Good Rod from your inventory. Wait for a red exclamation mark before pressing A, and you’ll have landed yourself a catch.


While you will still find a wealth of Magikarp with this middle-of-the-road rod, you should also be able to find some slightly rarer underwater Pokemon like Goldeen, Finneon, or Feebas. If you decided against the Water-type Piplup as your starter, some of these Pokemon would come in handy for balancing your team.

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Pokémon Diamond and Shining Pearl are available now exclusively on Nintendo Switch.