How to Get to the Galaxy Pools in Destiny 2

Are you trying to work out how to reach the Galaxy Pools in Destiny 2?

by Gordon Bicker
Image: Bungie

Destiny 2 has had plenty of secrets over its years and many eagle-eyed players have also worked out how to reach an area known as the Galaxy Pools. This is a beautiful area of space that has purple hues everywhere and it is also thought to be linked to The Nine. This article will take you through everything you need to know about how to get to the Galaxy Pools in Destiny 2.

Getting to the Galaxy Pools in Destiny 2

In order to reach the Galaxy Pools you will have to first travel to the EDZ. The Sludge will be a great place to land since it is close to one of the easier methods to begin the Galaxy Pools journey. Be sure to bring your Strand Hunter and another Guardian along with you before setting off. When you are at The Sludge, head forward until the first right turn at which point you can begin jumping up the rocks.

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The route is highly precise and the YouTuber who found it, named “Dishur”, has created a video guiding you through the flow of the route. The main takeaways from the video are listed below it. One of the best parts about this method is that you won’t have to do any Sparrow flying to actually reach the location.

  1. Reach the small cave wall clip area shown in the video and position your sparrow exactly as shown.
  2. Have the other player be in the correct spot as shown in the video.
  3. Make sure you have St0MP-EE5 equipped for your leg armor since you will get a higher jump. Be sure to also have three Bomber mods equipped on your Cloak and three Grenade Kickstart mods on your Gauntlets.
  4. Hop off your Sparror and then stand in between the gap in the rocks. The other player should then be looking toward you observing you. The other player (not yourself) should then shoot your Sparrow with a lower light weapon to push the Sparrow off.
  5. Proceed with the main Sparrow method in the video. After that, you can begin to keep grappling up in the air until above the Dark Forest. Follow the main video route to reach this place.
  6. When at the Dark Forest location, dive down and you can begin another ascent into the sky. You can reach close to the final Galaxy Pools area by nearing the large Traveler Shard (the glowing white light) seen above you.
  7. The Galaxy Pools will now be in front of you.

Why Are the Galaxy Pools in Destiny 2’s EDZ?

It is unknown why the Galaxy Pools can be reached via the EDZ. It is likely that this is just where they are stored within the game for the moment. There is some speculation that we will get to visit the Galaxy Pools through main ways during another season at some point. Whatever the reason, the Galaxy Pools are certainly stunning to look at — once you know how to grapple there of course.

The Root of Nightmares raid has some amazing sights throughout it too but there is something really special about the Galaxy Pools. This is why knowing how to get there effectively will be worth your time.

- This article was updated on April 11th, 2023

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