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How to Get Zombies Weapons in Call of Duty Blackout Battle Royale

Powerful gear for Blackout awaits.

by William Schwartz


There are a lot of different weapons from the Zombies mode of Call of Duty that will be found in the new Blackout Battle Royale Mode.  You’re going to have to go out hunting for these items if you want them though.  During the course of any Blackout match, players will be able to go on the hunt for these Zombies weapons by heading to the different locations that have a blue light beam shooting into the sky. 

This marks the spot where there are zombies on the map, and where there are zombies, there are powerful weapons to pick-up as you’ll be fighting against AI Zombies and any other human opponents that are also looking for the powerful Blackout gear.

The blue lights will appear a short while after the round begins.  There are numerous locations that you can target for these weapons, just head towards the light.  In these areas you’ll find items like the Monkey Bomb, Acid Bomb, Zweihander, The Essex Model 07, and others like the all powerful Ray Gun.  All of these weapons are pretty powerful.  The Zweihander is a high capacity LMG, the Essex is a single shot rifle with a fast reload, and the Ray Gun shoots energy beams. Whether or not you find any of these weapons will pretty much depend on if you’ve uncovered the Zombie cache in the area.

This cache looks like the Mystery Box in Call of Duty Zombies.  Just open the box and see what’s inside, it could be any of these weapons mentioned above or things like Level 3 Armor, Rocket Launchers, and other powerful weapons.  These weapons can certainly give you a leg up on the competition but, you’ll be fighting both AI controlled zombies and any other humans that are in the area.

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