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How to Gift Items in Fortnite

It's the Season of giving.

by William Schwartz


One of the most requested features in Fortnite has been the ability to gift items to other players.  With the release of version 6.31 Fortnite players can now gift items that they purchase in the item shop.  When going into the Item Shop in Fortnite Battle Royale you now will see a new option to buy an item as a gift.

To gift items there are some requirements that need to be met.  First you’ll need to have enabled 2-Factor Authentication with your account to keep it secure.

How to send a gift in Fortnite

Once you’ve selected an item in the Fortnite Item Shop to gift you’ll then have to select who you want to send it to and there are some requirements here as well.  To send someone a gift in Fortnite you will need to have been friends with this person for 48 hours.  If you meet these requirements you can then purchase the gift and send the recipient a custom message along with the item.

How to receive a gift in Fortnite

You can also receive gifts in Fortnite.  When you log in to Fortnite after you’ve gotten a gift you will a screen that lets you know that you have gotten a gift from someone and asks if you want to open it.

Can you gift items from Locker?

Unfortunately, gifting in Fortnite is restricted to new purchases from the Item Shop.  You cannot gift items that you already own.

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