How to Install and Play Sonic Mania 4 Player Co-Op Mod

Have some fun with online play!

by Christian Bognar
Sonic Mania mods

Are you looking to install a four-player co-op mod for your Sonic Mania game? Sonic Mania is a fantastic game when you’re playing alone, but it is way better when you get other friends involved in the action. The good news is that there is online support for the beloved Sonic game through the modding community! This guide will explain everything we know about 4-player co-op and walk you through how to install online play into your Sonic Mania.

Steps to Install Co-op into Sonic Mania

At the time of writing, it is unfortunate to let our readers know that the option to do a four-player co-op is currently unavailable. This is because CodenameGamma, who is the developer behind the mod, has disabled mod downloads. We are unsure whether it will become available in the near future. On the flip side, there is still an option to download a two-player multiplayer mod through another website called GameBanana. Follow the steps below to do so.

  1. Download Mania Mod Loader on their main webpage.
  2. Use a zipping app to extract Mania Mod Loader to the same file you keep Sonic Mania.
  3. Once completed, you will find a ManiaModManager.exe file; go ahead and open it.
  4. Next, download the MultiMania mod from developers GameBanana, using manual download.
  5. Extract the file named MultiMania to your mods folder inside your main Sonic Mania file.
  6. Head back to Mania Mod Manager and hit the refresh button, where you will now see MultiMania appear.
  7. Click on the checkbox on the left-hand side and then click on install at the bottom.

You are now set to open the game and get online play going with a buddy. To invite another player into your game, you will need to send over a code where the second player will need to input the same code. While you will only be able to do two-player co-op with this mod, it will still allow you to have a friend join in on the fun and experience online play. If the four-player option becomes available again, we will keep our readers updated.

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Sonic Mania is available now for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

- This article was updated on January 31st, 2023