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How to Learn Exclusive Moves in Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Eevee!

Most can be taught by move tutors, with a couple happening by chance.

by Dylan Siegler


One of the new features in Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Eevee! is the ability for your Partner Pokémon (Pikachu or Eevee, depending on your version) to learn moves that only the Partner versions of these Pokémon can learn. These new moves are called Exclusive Moves and, as you could probably guess from their name, there are some that can only be learned by Partner Pikachu and others that can only be learned by Partner Eevee. These Exclusive Moves tend to be pretty good, so you’ll probably want to get your hands on them as soon as you can.

There are two ways to learn Exclusive Moves in Pokémon: Let’s Go. One will happen at random in the middle of battles. Sometimes when battling, an icon of your Partner Pokémon waving a Joy-Con will appear above the “Fight” option. When this happens, you can wave your own Joy-Con to activate your Partner’s Exclusive Move, assuming your Partner is the one on the field. If another member of your Party is on the field when this icon appears and you wave your Joy-Con, your Partner will give a stat boost to your active Party member that increases their Attack, Special Attack, Defense, Special Defense, and Speed. If you’re playing Let’s Go, Pikachu! and your Partner Pikachu is on the field when the icon appears and you wave your Joy-Con, Pikachu will use the Exclusive Move Pika Papow, which is an Electric-type attack that never misses and gets stronger the more your Partner Pikachu loves you. If you’re playing Let’s Go, Eevee!, waving your Joy-Con when this icon appears will make your Partner Eevee use Veevee Volley, a move that works the same as Pika Papow, but is Normal-type. Both of these Exclusive Moves will only happen when the icon appears over the “Fight” option and do not take up a move slot.

The second and much more common way to teach your Partner Exclusive Moves is via Exclusive Move Tutors. These are characters who dress like Tamer trainers, complete with red coat and whip in hand, who hang out in a few specific Pokémon Centers. Keep in mind that, unlike Pika Papow and Veevee Volley, the Exclusive Moves the Tutors can teach your Partner will in fact take up a move slot and can be used anytime during a battle. The first Exclusive Move Tutor you’ll find will be in the Cerulean City Pokémon Center and can teach your Partner the following moves:


  • Zippy Zap (Electric-type/Physical damage/50 power/100 accuracy/15 PP/Always goes first; always results in a critical hit)


  • Bouncy Bubble (Water-type/Special damage/90 power/100 accuracy/15 PP/Eevee recovers half the amount of damage dealt to the opponent)
  • Buzzy Buzz (Electric-type/Special damage/90 power/100 accuracy/15 PP/Always paralyzes the target)
  • Sizzly Slide (Fire-type/Physical damage/90 power/100 accuracy/15 PP/Always burns the target)

The second Exclusive Move Tutor is in the Pokémon Center in Celadon City and can teach the following moves:


  • Floaty Fall (Flying-type/Physical damage/90 power/95 accuracy/15 PP/May make the target flinch)


  • Glitzy Glow (Psychic-type/Special damage/90 power/100 accuracy/15 PP/Weakens opposing team’s Special attacks)
  • Baddy Bad (Dark-type/Special damage/90 power/100 accuracy/15 PP/Weakens opposing team’s Physical attacks)

The third and final Exclusive Move Tutor is in the Pokémon Center in Fuchsia City and can teach the following moves:


  • Splishy Splash (Water-type/Special damage/90 power/100 accuracy/15 PP/May paralyze the target)


  • Freezy Frost (Ice-type/Special damage/90 power/100 accuracy/15 PP/Eliminates stat changes)
  • Sappy Seed (Grass-type/Physical damage/90 power/100 accuracy/15 PP/Damages the target a little every turn)
  • Sparkly Swirl (Fairy-type/Special damage/90 power/100 accuracy/15 PP/Heals all of your team’s status conditions)

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