How to Level Up Fast in Valorant: Best Ways to Get XP for Battle Pass and Contracts

Getting to that next tier of rewards quicker than before.

by Weilong Mao


Getting more XP for your Battle Pass or Agent contract in Valorant is probably at the foremost of players’ minds when they are grinding out the new content put out by Riot onto the First-Person competitive shooter. As of recently, such contents would include the likes of Fade, a new agent that serves as an Initiator capable of quickly and efficiently exposing the locations of enemy players with the numerous abilities at her disposal. This guide will help illustrate what can be done to make obtaining new agents or battle pass levels sooner rather than later.

How to get XP for Battle Pass and Contracts Faster in Valorant

The general gist is to be diligent with completing all the daily and weekly missions available in Valorant and playing spike rush or deathmatch for quick experience points. A player is issued two missions every day, with each mission being worth 2000 points of experience. On top of that, a player is given three missions that are reset every week, with each mission belonging to that tier being worth 10000 experiences or more. Keeping an eye on those missions and being consistent in their completion is the key to maintaining a good pace for grinding out levels.

Missions generally don’t fall out of the boundaries of getting kills, using abilities, or purchasing weapons from the armory. There are a few exceptions here and there, but they shouldn’t hinder players to large extents for those wanting to maintain good progress. Though it is necessary to note that a sizable portion of the mission lists is made with the unrated or competitive game mode in mind, so players more likely than not will have to end up putting in the hours to get these done.


For short gaming sessions, however, the safest bet would be Spike Rush as it is a mode that still allows players to complete missions with one game being done in just 4 rounds. They only give out 1000 experiences for completion, but it adds up. Deathmatch is the alternative when there are no missions left incompleted, with the player just needing to get quick exp. they offer the least per session, at 900 experiences.

Other things of note include the experience boost from purchasing the latest battle pass, which gives a 3% increase per game in its ongoing duration. It’s better to treat this as a bonus, as the passive gain is minimal and nothing to write home about. There are also squad boost events held now and then. Those boost the experience gained from games played while grouped up with friends. The social media accounts for Valorant will usually announce them whenever they are in effect.

Valorant is available now on PC.


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