How to Link Among Us Accounts on PC, Mobile, and Switch

Linking accounts for Among Us

by Gordon Bicker
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Among Us has been around for over three years have passed since its release. This humble game took its space on numerous platforms, from Twitch to YouTube, and there is no platform un-sabotaged by it. The joys of Among Us is that when playing with a group of friends is unparalleled by similar experiences on the market. A new update now lets players link their accounts in the experience, this guide article will talk you through how to link Among Us accounts on PC, Mobile, and if it is possible to do so on Nintendo Switch too.

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How to Link Among Us Accounts on PC and Mobile

Firstly, in order to link accounts, open up the game on any of the listed devices, in the top left corner there will be a button with a crewmate on it and the word ‘account’ placed on the button. Press on the crewmate and an account window will open, when it has appeared, there will be a button that says ‘link account’, press or click on that.

From this point, there will be some terms that will make their way on the screen and you will want to read through them then confirm it by pressing reset account if you still want to proceed with the process. Another window will now appear and the box will contain both a unique code and a URL specific to your account, insert the URL into a web browser and you will be transported to the official website for linking your account.

Once you have visited the website, follow the options that apply and use the unique code to finish the Among Us account linking process.

Can I link My Among Us Nintendo Switch Account?

At the moment there is, unfortunately, no way for Nintendo Switch players to link their account across the platforms, however, this may be added in by the developers in the future if they choose to make that happen for players.

Will you be linking your Among Us account this month?

Among Us is available now on PC, Nintendo Switch, IOS, and Android. The game will furthermore be released on PlayStation and Xbox consoles on December 14th.

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