How to Make a Perfect 10/10 Game in Game Dev Tycoon

Making the perfect game takes years, just ask Bethesda.

by Jorge Aguilar
The Greenheart Studio in-game working on making a game that may do well in Game Dev Tycoon.
Image: Greenheart Games

Knowing how to make a perfect 10/10 game in Game Dev Tycoon takes a lot more than just making a good game.

There is an entire strategy that goes into making a high rated game that requires years of in-game time. I’ve done it many times before and have my own strategy that I will share below.

The best strategy for getting a 10/10 game in Game Dev Tycoon

There is a lot that goes into how to get a perfect score in Game Dev Tycoon, so don’t expect it to be easy or not take any time. This is because ratings tend to be random, and making a perfect game only guarantees you at least an 8, not a 10. My strategy will almost guarantee you a 10 out of 10, and possible an 11 out of 10, but you have to follow it exactly.

This also may not work the first time, which is super annoying, but I’ve had it work the majority of the time. I’ve done this strategy on both the mobile and PC version so it should work for you.

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To start this, you need a surplus of at least five year’s worth of income for your staff. You also need the ability to make rated M games, RPGs, and Sci-Fi games. The engine doesn’t really matter, it just can’t be unbearably old compared to where the industry standard is. For this strategy, your dud game mentioned below cannot be RPG or Sci-Fi because reviewers hate repeated genres.

The first step is to get some staff to work on your game that is a complete dud. Don’t choose any of the best combos or right development stages. Just make a poor game. Don’t give it good marketing either, that’s a waste of money. Try and use your least experienced staff, and let the best staff you do have go on vacations and such. This is important because the algorithm for the reviews judges you based on your last game as well as your newest.

Now, you want to train your staff up a ton for about a year. Focus your staff on story, dialogue, and anything related to RPG. When you’re done training, your first project should be Sci-Fi RPG for M rating on PC. Before starting, make sure they’re all rested, so give vacations to anyone who needs it.

Best stage choices for a perfect game in Game Dev Tycoon

Each stage needs a focus, so we’ll go over each below. Make sure to follow this pretty closely as it matters a lot. Remember, this only works for Sci-Fi RPG, different combinations require different choices.

Stage 1:

  • Story/Quests – Priority
  • Gameplay – Secondary priority
  • Engine – Ignore completely
  • Gameplay at 80%
  • Story/Quests at 80%
  • Engine at 20%

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Stage 2:

  • Dialogues – Priority
  • Level Design – Secondary priority
  • AI – Give it a small amount of attention
  • Dialgoues at 90%
  • Level Design at 40%
  • AI at 20%

Stage 3:

  • World Design – Priority
  • Graphics – Secondary priority
  • Sound – Give it a small amount of attention
  • World Design at 60%
  • Graphics at 50%
  • Sound at 60%
    • We know this is weird, especially for how much focus you’ll give each, but the game is strange like this.

From there, squash every bug you can. These bugs can affect your gameplay, so take the time to get rid of them. When you’re on bug squashing mode, give anyone a vacation that needs it. They will make bugs if they’re tired and you want this one out the door soon after the previous game.

Training is the biggest part of all of this. The fact that the next game is made by more experienced staff than the previous will make all the difference. Also, make sure none of your staff are tired at all when the game starts. They won’t do their best work if they’re tired.

If you do this, you are almost guaranteed a perfect score. Occasionally, the randomness of the scores can mess you up, but usually you’ll get an 11 out of 10, which makes up for it.

- This article was updated on October 30th, 2023

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