How To Make Leather in Palia

Craft leather to glide across Palia.

by Alex Huebner
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One of the most helpful tools in Palia is the Glider. It’s also one of the first quests you receive when beginning the game. In order to make the Glider you need to obtain leather. While it is possible to purchase leather, it is still helpful to know how to make leather in Palia for other crafts as well.

How To Make Leather

The first step to making leather is obtaining the Sernuk Hide. Sernuks are deer-like creatures that can be hunted with your bow. You will need to equip it with R and make sure to have arrows you’ve made from the craft table. Once you’ve hit the Sernuk there will be a bag on the ground. Loot it and a Sernuk Hide (and maybe some other materials) will be added to your inventory. Take the hide back to your loom and you will be able to make one leather per hide.

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How To Get a Loom

If you’ve gone through enough of the main quests, you’ll have started progress on your house. Once you get far enough you’ll be able to begin making furniture. Craft pieces until you reach level two, I started with the quest “Spiffy it Up” to knock out two birds with one stone, then created whatever I had material for until I was level two from there. As soon as you’re at least level two in furniture crafting, you will be able to purchase the loom recipe from Tish. With the recipe, you can build a loom to create leather, fabric, and other materials. To craft it, you’ll need:

  • 15 sapwood planks
  • 20 plant fibers
  • 2 copper bars
  • 5 ceramic

Finding the sapwood and plant fibers is fairly easy, they’re found in the small trees and bushes around the town and your plot. However copper bars and ceramic are recipes that will need to be purchased from Hodari before you can make them. The recipes are 50 gold each. Copper bars will require five copper ore, which looks like rocks with brown pieces sticking out. Ceramic is made from two clay, which are found by mining red rocks, usually found along the water. Both ceramic and copper bars are made at the Smelter you get from Hodari after reaching level two in mining.

Purchasing Leather

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

If you want to save yourself some time and effort, you can always choose to purchase leather instead and make the loom later. I found this to be the faster and easier way to get the Glider initially. However, I’ve found it is useful to have the loom and create materials you can sell from your box or craft more items with for less gold. Leather, in addition to the fabric you will also need to create the Glider, can be purchased from the furniture store on the north side of Kilima Village for 60 gold.

- This article was updated on August 21st, 2023

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