How to Make Salmon Meunière in Breath of the Wild

Discover how to cook one of Breath of the Wild's most prestigious meals!

by Kara Phillips


Cooking in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild can create some essential items for any adventurer. From keeping you toasty in the frozen heights of Lanayru Mountain to keeping you cold in the depths of Eldin Volcano, or even restoring hearts and giving you a few extra, it’s safe to say that a home-cooked meal is a must-have. But cooking in BoTW takes some serious trial and error, and a lot of the time your efforts will return a plate full of dubious food. Salmon Meunière is a meal you don’t want to mess up, so read on to find out how you can master the art of Meunière.

How to Cook Salmon Meunière in Breath of the Wild

Salmon Meunière may be one of the more complex recipes to recreate in Breath of the Wild, but it rewards any committed chef with a bountiful of hearts when they are needed most. The recipe requires one Hearty Salmon, one Tabantha Wheat, and one Goat Butter, which will need to be thrown into a pan together. All of these are pretty standard ingredients you’ll come across during your adventure through Hyrule but tend to be used in a variety of other recipes rather than dedicated to this one.

However, this recipe does serve a purpose outside of being a wealthy health item, and Link must create Salmon Meunière for a quest set by Kheel after calming the Divine Beast Van Medoh. Kheel can be found in Warbler’s Nest, and will request Link locates her sisters for a rehearsal, but Genli has disappeared while refusing to sing without Salmon Meunière. Each sister you locate will provide you with an ingredient to the recipe to stop you from having to trek around trying to find everything. Upon giving the meal to Genli, she will return to Kheel for rehearsal and the quest will be completed.

Breath of the Wild is available now on Nintendo Switch.

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