How to Pack a Punch to Level 2 and 3 in MW3 Zombies

Here's how you can reach level 2 Pack a Punch in MW3.

by Christian Bognar
Modern Warfare 3 Zombies MW3 Pack-a-Punch Locations
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Pack-a-Punch is one of the best ways to make your build stronger during a Modern Warfare 3 Zombies match, and it should be your ultimate goal to reach levels 2 and 3 to help with survival. This guide will explain how you can reach level 2 Pack-a-Punch in MW3 Zombies.

How to Reach Level 2 Pack a Punch in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies

There are three levels of Pack-a-Punch in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies. Level 1 costs 5,000 Essence, level 2 costs 10,000, while level 3 costs a whopping 15,000 Essence.

To reach level 2 of Pack-a-Punch in MW3, a player must first level up their Pack-a-Punch to level 1 in a Low Threat Zone and then level it again in a Medium Threat Zone. Pack-a-Punch can only be raised to level two in a Medium Threat Zone, and a player can not skip level 1. In other words, it will cost players 15,000 Essence to reach level 2 Pack-a-Punch (5,000 for level 1 and 10,000 for level 2). Players are only allowed to upgrade their guns once per threat area.

If a player wishes to upgrade their gun to level 3 Pack-a-Punch, they can enter a High Threat Area and spend an additional 15,000 at the Pack-a-Punch machine. Additionally, they must first upgrade their guns to level 1 and level 2.

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Where to Find Pack-a-Punch Machines in MW3 Zombies

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Pack-a-Punch machines are scattered across the entire maps of zombies and can be found by looking at your in-game map. Pack-a-punch machines are represented by machine icons on the map — use the image attached for reference.

It is recommended to upgrade all of your guns before moving onto a higher threat area, considering the enemies get much more difficult in these locations. The best way to do this is to kill as many zombies as possible in a low-threat area, gather enough essence to upgrade your guns to level 1 Pack-a-Punch, and then move on to the medium-threat area when you feel comfortable.

- This article was updated on November 17th, 2023

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