How To Pause A Hunt in Wild Hearts

by Shaun Cichacki

Hunters hoping to tackle the biggest hunts that Wild Hearts have to offer may be hoping that the option to pause and recoup themselves during a hectic battle is available. While the Monster Hunter series has had this option for a short amount of time, players would need to finish off their hunt before giving the game a break.

Will players be expected to close out of the game if something comes up, or will they have the chance to pause their game in the middle of a skirmish against a massive Kemono in this exciting new IP? Let’s sharpen our swords and head into the fight to find out firsthand.

How To Pause Your Game In Wild Hearts


Gamers that have a busy life will be happy to know that the ability to pause is available in Wild Hearts at any time. Pressing the standard Menu Button will bring up a large list of options, with Pause hiding right at the bottom. Alongside the ability to pause whenever, players can also save their game at any point, ensuring a hunt can go as well as possible.

Alongside the chance to pause whenever, players can also handle this the old-school way by escaping to the main home screen on their console of choice. This will pause the progress of a cutscene, as well, since there is currently no option to pause these particular story beats. If you need to run and you’re encountering the Earthbreaker, just head back to the main menu and it will save your progress. Just don’t fully close out of the game, however.

Taking the chance to examine a Kemono before jumping into a battle against them is key to survival in this fast-paced title, especially if you’re hoping to claim a few specific Monster parts during the battle. However, bringing a friend or two along for the ride can help make these challenging battles that much easier.

Wild Hearts is available now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.