How to Pick Locks in Atomic Heart

Let me guess: you can't open this lock can you, Charles?

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
Image: Mundfish

Are you wondering how to pick locks in Atomic Heart to access valuable loot like recipes, ammo, or crafting materials? Atomic Heart takes the lock-picking mini-game to the next level because there are five locks you must solve to access secret areas. These five locks will make appearances throughout the game and not just isolated to specific parts of the game, which means you will run across different locks at different times.

You will also see doors later in the game that has up to three of the below locks in one, making it more challenging to unlock. While this many locks may seem like it could be tedious or challenging, it wants you to understand how they work so that you won’t have any issues with them in the future. So here is everything you need to know on how to pick locks in Atomic Heart.

How to Open Locked Doors in Atomic Heart

Here are pictures and a brief description of the five locks found in Atomic Heart so you know how to open the locked doors with ease.

Lock #1

Image: Mundfish

If you’ve ever played Fallout before, you have most likely done their lock-pick mini-game. This lock is very similar to that. You only have to use the left joystick to rotate the top cable in the lock. Then you press the x button, which will rotate the lock horizontally. You will know you are on the right track when it rotates horizontally. If it doesn’t go all the way, you need to rotate the wire to the left or right until you find the sweet spot.

Lock #2

Image: Mundfish

This lock requires you to press the x button when the spinning red light appears under the raised locked. Once you time it right, the lock will lower and turn green. After that, the red light will rotate in the other direction. Repeat this process until all locks have been lowered. The number shown in the picture above is a countdown. You only have a certain amount of time to unluck this door.

Lock #3

Image: Mundfish

There isn’t much for you to do with this lock other than find the cookie-shaped key that goes into the center of this lock. You can find it by scanning with your glove like when searching for other items.

Lock #4

Image: Mundfish

To unlock this door, you must press the buttons in the correct pattern. Notice how four different zones separate the buttons. This will be important because you must find the pattern in the world around you. You will find the pattern written on different mediums by the game NPCs. For instance, the first lock is written down on paper. The second appearance of this lock has it written on a cabinet door in an office.

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Lock #5

Image: Mundfish

The bottom three dots provides an area where you can change the location of the colored dots. For instance, the above picture shows that the yellow and blue dots are in the wrong order, so you need to rotate the dots to the bottom three dots and then press x to change their location.

- This article was updated on February 20th, 2023

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