How to play Chicken Frenzy in Little Goody Two Shoes

Chicken Run, part 2.

by Alejandro Josan
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If video games have taught me something is that if you mistreat chickens, you will pay the consequences big time. Bring your reflexes and timing capabilities: here is how to play Chicken Frenzy in Little Goody Two Shoes.

Little Goody Two Shoes: How to play Chicken Frenzy

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Chicken Frenzy is one of the mini-games that you can play in Little Goody Two Shoes. Just as the other ones, they act as chores for Elise, with your performance determining your monetary reward. Moreover, this will help you save face in the game, preventing suspicion from rising. This is a very simple game, and just like the rest of the mini-games, this is based on timing. Your objective is simple: to collect eggs while avoiding touching the chickens. Otherwise, you will be penalized with what can only be described as the revenge of the cuccos from Ocarina of Time.

Move your arrow keys or your D-Pad or Analog Stick up or down to select a lane of chickens. Whenever a chicken goes to either corner of the screen to eat, you will have the opportunity to grab one of the eggs. Be fast though, these chickens can put eggs extraordinarily fast and they will not wait for you to pick any eggs they have left behind. The trick of this game is to be patient and move from lane to lane, waiting for an opening to present itself. Moving up and down without any strategy will result in you touching the chickens, stunning you, and losing precious time. Move from one lane to the next, grabbing both eggs and then wait for the next lane above or below you to be free so you can continue collecting the eggs.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

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One of the many achievements in the game is to get an S score in all mini-games, so make sure you time your moves right so you can check the Chicken Frenzy mini-game out of your to-do list in Little Goody Two Shoes.

- This article was updated on November 2nd, 2023

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