How to Play Multiplayer in Atlas Fallen

Explore the desolate sands of Atlas Fallen with a friend!

by Marc Magrini
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Surviving in Atlas Fallen isn’t easy even on lower difficulties. Players need a good understanding of the weapons they have access to and the perks they can use. Luckily, it isn’t too difficult to bring a friend along for the ride, even if — or rather, especially if — they’ve beaten the game before. Those struggling to survive should learn how to make use of the multiplayer features in Atlas Fallen.

Where and How to Activate Multiplayer Features in Atlas Fallen

Co-op gameplay becomes available around the moment players gain control their custom-made character. From there, they can open their player menu and click on the co-op tab to reach multiplayer options. You can either invite friends through Steam, utilize a code, or request others join via your IP address. Though details on progress aren’t completely apparent at first, the developers made a video explaining how exactly Atlas Fallen’s co-op works.

Players hosting the game will continually gain access to the world as they progress. Allies joining the host will not keep that same progress, but they will keep their upgrades and additions to their character. The entire game is available to players, so a full playthrough can be completed in co-op without any issues. To top it all off, loot is shareable and difficulty settings are applied individually, allowing both players to make the most of their joint session.

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As of right now, co-op is the only multiplayer option in Atlas Fallen. There are no PVP settings at this time, and it’s unknown whether such settings will become available in the future. Additionally, there is no way to partner up with random players online. If you want to play Atlas Fallen with a partner, you’ll either have to be friends already or you’ll need to share the co-op code online and hope someone will pick it up.

- This article was updated on August 9th, 2023

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