How to Raise Wanted Bounty Level

The worse the crime, the higher your bounty.

by AOTF Staff

Raising your wanted bounty level in Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the easiest things to do in the game.  Simply put, if you commit crimes in any area of the game and someone sees you commit that crime they will report you to the local authorities.

Stealing items and robbing people for their belongings, be that personal property, horses, coaches, or anything else will raise your wanted level and create a bounty in the region.  Disturbing the peace by running into people with your horse, trampling someone and injuring them, fighting with someone, shooting them, or anything else you can think of is an offense that will cause people to report you to the police.

Minor offenses will only put a small bounty on your head.  If you want to get the highest wanted level in the game you’re going to have to kill lawmen.  This will rack up a high bounty level very quickly as your bounty will go up each time you kill an officer.

Once you get to a certain Wanted Bounty level Bounty Hunters will pursue you when in a region and sometimes areas can be locked down where lawmen are on high alert and on the lookout for you.  Using a mask can help in not being recognized when committing crimes in Red Dead Redemption 2.