How to Reach the Last Mask in Resident Evil Village: Shadows of Rose

So close, yet so far

by Christian Bognar


Resident Evil Village: Shadows of Rose has some tricks up its sleeves, especially when you need to find the necessary masks. The hardest one to get is the last gold mask. You hit a roadblock just as you thought you were about to find the last mask required for the crystal. The mask is surrounded by red blood, and you can’t seem to reach it. This can be frustrating, and we are here to help. Keep reading for a step-by-step guide on getting over the blood so you can finally get that last mask in Shadows of Rose.

How to Reach the Last Mask

As you can see, the mask is out of reach, and if you try running for it, the monsters will come out of the red blood and take you down. Follow these steps so you survive and can progress further into the game. We included some pictures as well to make it easier to follow.

First, from the desk on the ground looking towards the mask, you will want to take a right. Go until you hit the wall and turn around, and there will be a hidden flower on the pillar. Use your power to clear it, which will cause another platform to fall to the floor.


Next, go over to the platform that just fell to the ground, and now you’ll be able to reach the flower on the wall to the left. Use your power — this will clear the red blood from upstairs, making it clear where you need to go next. Careful, as once you clear this flower, four enemies will spawn, so take them out quickly.


Next, use the staircase in the room to the left until you reach the top. You will want to walk to the other side, taking care of the two enemies at the top. Use your power on the flower above the balcony’s ledge, causing the final platform to fall to the floor. 


Now you can reach the mask and progress further into the main story. There are quite a few puzzles you will have to solve during your Shadows of Rose playthrough, so feel free to check out our guides on these, such as the doll puzzle and escaping the upcoming cell!

Resident Evil Village: Winters’ Expansion is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch Cloud, and PC.

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