How to Reach the New Secret Boss in the Super Mario RPG Remake

Learn where to find the most powerful foe in the Super Mario RPG remake!

by Marc Magrini
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

The Super Mario RPG remake has a new secret boss, offering an extremely difficult challenge for both new players and long-time fans.

Long ago, the original secret boss of Super Mario RPG — Culex — was considered to be the toughest challenge players could encounter. Thanks to the addition of post-game rematches in the game’s remake, that original fight’s difficulty pales in comparison to new offerings. There is now one more extra-secret fight for players to find, and it will prove to be their greatest challenge yet. Spoilers ahead!

Where is the New Secret Boss in the Super Mario RPG Remake?

The new boss is only available after beating all other post-game rematches. By the time you’ve completed all of these fights, Culex’s door in Monstro Town should appear, accepting the Extra-Shiny Stone obtained from Johnny as its key. Once you’ve met the requirements, simply enter the door and you’ll meet Culex once more. After notifying you on the many wishes you’ve granted, he’ll challenge you to one more duel, beginning the toughest fight in the game!

Like in the original battle, Culex will have a special Thought Peek quote alongside his four crystals. He’ll also dish out some incredible damage from the very start, opening with an attack that reduces your party’s HP to 1 before unleashing strong blow after strong blow. You’ll need to use the strongest equipment and greatest tactics at your disposal, so don’t skimp out on preparations!

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Defeating this new version of Culex won’t give you much more than a special item symbolizing your victory. However, you can rematch this fight whenever you like, allowing you to continuously improve your skill with the encounter. He’ll also track the number of turns you took to defeat him. Beating him in 10 turns or less will have him be truly impressed, so try to finish the fight as quickly as possible!

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