How to Remove Fia’s HP Debuff in Elden Ring

Get all of your HP back

by William Schwartz


Fia’s HP Debuff is a sneaky mechanic in Elden Ring that you might not understand completely.  In fact we wrote a PSA about it because her embrace helps you in one stat category but severely limits you in terms of overall health.  So if you’ve accepted Fia’s embrace and you want to remove this debuff this guide will explain how to do just that.

How to Remove Fia’s HP Debuff

First let’s check to make sure you have the debuff.  If you have the Red Square under your stat bars at the top of the screen you’ve likely hugged Fia.  She’s given you an item that will temporarily boost your poise, but the tradeoff is that you have less HP.  That debuff is 5% of your total health.

To remove this you’ll need to use the blessing item that Fia gave you.  This is called Baldachin’s Blessing and it can be found in the Tools section of your inventory.  Using the item will give you a temporary boost in the poise category but then this will wear off.  As soon as it wears off, which is very quick, you will see that the red square has disappeared and you will be back to a normal status in terms of HP.

If you want another Baldachin Blessing you can simply head back to Fia and get another hug.

That’s everything you need to know about removing the HP Debuff that Fia’s Hug puts on your character.

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