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No Man’s Sky How to Ride Animals

Tame the wild creatures of No Man's Sky.

by William Schwartz


The No Man’s Sky Beyond update has brought with it the ability to ride animals in the game.  Depending on which animal you want to ride, you’ll need to use bait to tame them, and some of this bait requires a separate processor.  Below, we’ll walk you through the necessary steps to ride  animals in No Man’s Sky.

Make Nutrient Processor

To make the bait you will need to go through a couple of further steps as advanced baits require a Nutrient Processor.  The Nutrient Processor Blueprint can be purchased with 10 Salvaged Data on the Anomaly in the Construction Research Station.  Purchase the blueprint for the Nutrient Processor and then to construct it you will need 2 Metal Plating, 1 Hermetic Seal, and 25 Sodium.

Find out what bait you need

You’re going to need bait if you want to ride animals, because you actually need to tame the animal before you can mount it.  To tame and ride an animal you will need to give it the right bait and this can be found by analyzing the creature’s information.  Some will allow you to scan away, while others may be a little bit more dangerous.  You can use Creature Pellets to keep them at bay while doing any scanning.  When you pull up the analysis window you will see the bait type that you need in the top left hand side of the screen in the box with the animal’s information.

Create the bait

Once you know what type of bait you’ll need for your animal of choice, it’s on to creating the bait.  The advanced bait are going to require that you’ve got some different ingredients and it really depends on what you’re trying to make.  You’ll likely need a combination of feces (Faecium which can be found by feeding animals Creature Pellets as well) and local plantlife, or Mordite (gotten by killing creatures or harvested from plants) to get the types of bait that you are after.  You can find any plants you are after by scanning the planet’s terrain.

Tame and Ride

Once you’ve got the correct bait, you can then throw the bait down by pressing down on the directional pad, accessing utilities, and then select Creature Bait.  From there it’s just a matter of selecting the correct bait to throw.  If you’ve given the animal you want to ride the correct bait it will be tamed and you will get the option to mount the creature if available.

- This article was updated on:August 15th, 2019

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