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How to Save in Deathloop

by William Schwartz


With Deathloop some Rogue-like elements saving your progress is going to be important. Knowing when and where you can save your game in Deathloop isn’t explicitly clear. In this guide we’ll explain how the save system works in Deathloop so you don’t lose your progress unexpectedly.

Deathloop How to Save

  • Autosave when Entering or Exiting a Mission
  • Autosave when changing your loadout

The save system in Deathloop works like a lot of other modern games.  Deathloop uses an autosave feature.  There actually isn’t a way to save your game manually and when you progress far enough into a level your progress will be marked by checkpoints in each area.  According to the game’s tool tips:  “Deathloop automatically saves your progress when you enter and exit missions or change your loadout.”

So, if you want to save your progress you can simply do one of these two things to kind of manually force a save for the game.  This autosave will trigger on its own.  So long as you don’t turn off your system too early the progress should be saved when you return to the game.

The save system in Deathloop is pretty straight forward.  Just don’t go looking for a manual save option.

Resuming your game on PlayStation

Going to the home screen – Essentially if you are on a mission and go to the home screen on PlayStation the game will be saved at the spot and can be resumed

Entering Rest Mode – If you enter rest mode on PlayStation the game when loading your game you will resume where you left off during a mission

Opening a new game or app – Game will load from title screen mission must be restarted,  progress will be lost.

Turning off or Restarting PlayStation – Game will load from title screen mission must be restarted

That’s everything you need to know about saving your game in Deathloop.

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