How To See Your Stats In PGA Tour 2K23

Want to see where you excel and where you could improve? Find out here!

by Shaun Cichacki


If you’re looking to see where you stand and where you could improve in PGA Tour 2K23, you’ll have an easy way to find out how well you’re doing in the game. By checking into the Statistics & Records Menu, you’ll be able to see plenty of information about how good you really are at the game, and where you could stand to improve a bit.

However, if you don’t know where you should be looking, this is a menu that could be stuck hiding out from you for quite some time. Let’s dive into the details, and show you where you’ll need to go to check it out, and what you’ll be able to find out about your game when you check out the Statistics & Records menu in PGA Tour 2K23!

How To Find The Statistics & Records Menu In PGA Tour 2K23



From the Main Menu, you’ll want to press your Menu button on either the PlayStation or Xbox controller that you are using, and you’ll bring up the Settings Menu. Once you have brought that up, use either RT or R2 to scroll over to Stats. Once you are under this menu, you’ll just want to select Statistics & Records to get a full in-depth look at all of your accomplishments in the game.

Under this menu, you’ll have instant access to all of this information:

Aces Number of Hole-in-Ones Scored
Albatrosses Number of holes scored 3-under.
Eagles Number of holes scored 2-under.
Birdies Number of holes scored 1-under.
Pars Number of times Par was made on a hole.
Best Round Score Best total stroke count.
Scoring Average Average over-under score in all rounds played on all courses.
Scoring Average (9h) Average gross over-under score on 9-hole courses.
Total Rounds Number of non-practice rounds completed by the player.
Longest Drive Longest Drive based on shots that landed in-bounds.
Longest Scoring Shot The longest shot made (not including putts) that ended up in the cup.
Longest Scoring Putt The longest putt made that ended up in the cup.
Fairways in Regulation Percentage of holes finished after hitting fairway in regulation.
Greens in Regulation Percentage of holes finished after hitting green in regulation.
Driving Distance Average distance of tee shots – including roll0 on each Par 4-and-up, regardless of landing area.
Putts Per Hole Total putts taken dived by holes played.
One-Putt Percentage Number of times the player 1-putts over holes finished.
Putt Accuracy – Short The success rate of putts attempted from less than 5 feet.
Putt Accuracy – Medium The success rate of putts attempted from 5-10 feet
Putt Accuracy – Long The success rate of putts attempted from greater than 10 feet.
Scrambling Number of par-or-better scores following a missed GIR dived by total missed GIR.
Par Breakers Percentage of times a whole was finished with a gross score under par.
Birdie Conversion Percentage of birdies or better made after hitting the green in regulation.
Courses Complete Number of unique coursed played and completed.
Missed Fairway Percent – Other The percentage of time a tee shot missed the fairway and ended in a location other than the fairway or rough.
Rough Tendency The percentage of time a tee shot comes to rest in the rough (regardless of the club).
Bunker Tendency The percentage of time a tee shot comes to rest in a bunker (regardless of the club).
Proximity To Hole The average distance the ball comes to rest from the hole after the player’s approach shot.

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PGA Tour 2K23 will be available on October 14th on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

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