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How to Tame Cats in Minecraft

Cats like raw salmon and raw cod


Are you a cat lover?  Perhaps you want to create a village that’s entirely populated with friendly cats.  You can do that in Minecraft by taming cats and breeding them.  Taming cats in Minecraft is pretty easy if you know what to give them.  Just like in real life, cats enjoy fresh fish and you can tame them by giving it to them.

Taming Cats in Minecraft

If you want to tame a cat in Minecraft you’re going to need some fresh fish.  This can be gotten by doing some fishing and catching either Raw Salmon or Raw Cod.  To fish you will need a fishing rod.  This is pretty easy to make on your crafting table by combining 2 string and 3 sticks.

You’re going to need raw salmon or raw cod


Once you’ve got the fish that the cats like you can take it back to an area where you’ve seen cats (they can often be found in and around villages).  Simply approach the cats and give them the salmon or cod and you will see hearts that indicate you have tamed them.

Breed Cats with more Raw Salmon or Cod Once two Have been tamed

Once you’ve tamed the cats you can also breed them.  If you give two cats more fish they will spawn a kitten.  You will see the kitten almost immediately after the two cats come together.  The cat will be the same color as the parents, but smaller.

Now that you’ve learned how to tame and breed cats, you’re free to create your cat kingdom in Minecraft.

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