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How to Thank the Bus Driver in Fortnite on Xbox, PlayStation, PC, Switch and Mobile

It's a thankless job, usually.

by William Schwartz


Thanking the bus driver in Fortnite doesn’t necessarily do anything special, but Epic Games has included thanking the bus driver as a challenge in Fortnite Season 9  in the 14 Days of Summer event.  Thanking the Bus Driver can be done before you jump out of the bus to start a match and the way that you do it is pretty much the same on every platform.  To thank the bus driver you want to use the emote button on the platform that you are playing on.

To make sure that you’ve thanked the bus driver after pressing the button, you’ll want to look at the kill feed in the bottom left hand side of the screen.  Prior to jumping out the bus you will likely see that numerous people have thanked the bus driver as well.

How to Thank the Bus Driver on All Platforms

PlatformHow to Thank Bus Driver
XboxPress Down on D-pad
PlayStationPress Down on the D-pad
Nintendo SwitchDown on the D-pad
PCPress the B Key
MobilePress the Emote Button

The thing you are going to want to look for to make sure that you’ve thanked the bus driver is that your name shows up in the kill feed on the screen before jumping out of the bus. Your name will be highlighted in a different color than the other players so it should be easy to identify. The challenge during the Days of Summer event entails that you do this in twenty different matches and the reward is a Back Bling item.

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