How to Throw Items in Atomic Heart

Why shouldn’t you throw sodium chloride at people... because it’s a salt!

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
Image: Mundfish

Are you wondering how to throw objects in Atomic Heart so you can destroy cameras and damage enemies? Your character’s glove has many useful abilities, like Polymer skills, that you can use during your playthrough to defeat enemies and solve puzzles. One of these abilities is the Telekinetic Throw which allows you to pick up and throw objects. However, just like loading a weapon cartridge, the way you complete this action is not very intuitive and is only explained once during a quick tutorial.

Atomic Heart also doesn’t have a controller mapping option in the settings menu, making things even more confusing. Don’t worry, though. We will explain how to complete this process so you will throw objects in no time. Here is exactly how to throw objects in Atomic Heart.

Atomic Heart How to Throw Items

To throw an item, you need to pick it up with your glove, release the button, and then hold it down again to charge the throw meter. For instance, here is how you do this process using a PlayStation 5 controller:

  1. Press the R1 button to pick up an object
  2. Release the R1 button once the animation has stopped
    • This is where the process can be confusing and seems counterintuitive.
  3. Press and hold the R1 button to charge the throw meter
    • Make sure you press and hold. If you instantly release, your character will drop the item instead of throwing it.
  4. Aim with your Reticle
  5. Release the R1 button

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The game offers a very brief tutorial on throwing objects through the use of onscreen text. However, this onscreen text disappears quickly, and it is impossible to see it again unless you reload your save file. This may leave a lot of players confused because the act of picking up an object and throwing it is not intuitive at all.

The button will vary based on the platform you are playing on, but it is the same button you use to activate your scanner or loot items from containers.

- This article was updated on February 23rd, 2023