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How To Trade in Rocket League & Stuff To Look Out for When Trading

This will help you trade efficiently and not get scammed

by Tarik Samardzic


Rocket League currently is among the popular games being played right now. This is all because Rocket League became free to play and it’s a low-requirement game that you can run on pretty much anything. This guide will teach you how to effectively trade and not get scammed on Rocket League.

First off, to be able to trade in the game you must purchase 500 In-game credits. Why is this? It is there to stop people from scamming other people. Players who played Rocket League prior to the Free to Play Update are exempt from this requirement.

Why would I even trade in Rocket League?

Imagine yourself dreaming of that beautiful Fennec you saw in a match and you desperately want it, and the only way to get it now is through blueprints and trading. Trading can lead to many things, for example getting the skin, car, or anything else that you want. You can also make money when trading in games generally. Prices of items and skins are never the same and they always change. Most skins age like wine, meaning they are more expensive when they get older, but they must be good in the first place for their market value to rise. Also, make sure that you trade for something that the value doesn’t drop down, your item value should always go up and become more expensive. Trading is a skill that takes years to perfect and try to always start from trading small things and less pricey instead of trading the most expensive stuff you have as your first trade. Remember that there are people who know a lot more than you do and can always trick you. Make sure to never let your guide down and always watch for scammers.

To start a trade:

  1. Invite the player that you want to trade in a party or join his party
  2. Once in the party, select the player that you would like to trade with
  3. Select the Invite to trade button

Remember that you can not refund trades and once both players confirm the trade there’s no going back. Make sure the trade is fair as there are many people who offer little for a lot. Keep in mind that the Rocket League support team does not have anything to do with trades and that you must make sure everything goes to plan. You can only trade with other players logged into the same platform as you.

What to avoid?

Firstly, when initiating a trade make sure what the other player is offering is equal to what you are offering, in the worth of course. DO NOT trade with someone who is offering something else, for example, Steam accounts, real money, or any other than this unless the person you are trading with is 100% legit and won’t scam you for your precious in-game items. Try to avoid being low-balled, which means, make sure you know the worth of your stuff that you are trading.

Trading is becoming a huge part of Rocket League and almost everyone wants to trade nowadays. As you keep on trading you will become better and better, don’t be angry or feel bad if someone tricked you when trading, I know that everything worths to you a lot but get over it.

You are now ready to start your first trade, good luck player, and happy trading!


- This article was updated on:January 14th, 2021

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