How to Traverse the Environment Like a Pro in Goat Simulator 3

With these traversal tips and tricks, learn to be the G.O.A.T.E.S.T. goat ever!

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell

Are you wondering how to traverse the environment like a pro in Goat Simulator 3? The fundamental objective of Goat Simulator 3 is exploring San Angora to complete quests, find collectibles like trinkets and ramps, and cause as much mayhem as goatenly possible. Learning how the different traversal methods, like wallrunning, may seem frustrating initially, but you must learn how to do these early on in the game. Otherwise, you may struggle to reach specific areas of the game to complete quests and find collectibles. We have everything you need to know about traversing the environment like a pro in Goat Simulator 3.

How to Traverse the Environment Like a Pro in Goat Simulator 3

There are eight different ways you can traverse the environment in Goat Simulator 3. I recommend you learn how to master each method individually, quickly scale buildings and get to those challenging locations. Then, after you have mastered each method, you can combine them for even more creative ways to traverse the environment.



Wallrunning will be the most crucial skill to learn if you want to traverse the environment like a pro. You can wall run up tall buildings vertically and run like Neo from the Matrix vertically across plywood boards. You can wall run by pressing space as you run into a wall. The more speed you have going into the wall run, the more momentum you will have and the greater distance you will cover.



You can grind on powerline cables, straight rails, metal fences, etc… Grinding is a quick way to traverse parts of the map as the objects you are grinding span a good portion of the area. Once you get enough speed, you will eventually reach hyperspeed, increasing your grind speed. To grind an object, you will need to press the grind button when prompted. You can either start grinding at the beginning of the rail or in the middle from midair.

Air Fans


Air fans are a super easy way to get high distances fast. You can use any air fan you see air coming out of by just running into the air. However, unlike their container trampoline counterparts, you cannot get various heights.



Trampolines are any object you can jump on to gain height. Objects include square containers, rectangle containers, trampolines, mattresses, inflatable tubes, etc… You can tell a container is a trampoline by the blue tarp that covers its top. The more times in a row you bounce on a trampoline, the higher you will get. Use this to your advantage to reach super high places. Pair a trampoline with a wardrobe item like wings to get anywhere you want.

Satellite Dishes


Satellite Dishes will transport you from one satellite dish to another. The path of Satellite Dishes is predetermined, but you can use the jump button to cancel your travel if you want to stop before you hit the next Satellite Dish.

Slow Motion


You can slow down time by using the Toggle Slow Motion button. This is extremely useful when you need to stick tricky landings or dodge those pesky Granny Canon shots like in the picture above.



Who would have thought driving a car like a goat would be as much fun as it is? You can quickly steal any car you want and use its boosters to travel long distances across the map. You don’t have to stay on the roads because you can drive into fields or backyards.

Portals and Teleporting


You can use Portals inside of your Goat Tower to quickly reach all seven locations on the island. You can also teleport to a synchronized Goat tower from anywhere on the map at any point in time. Note that you only have to synchronize the Goat Tower. It does not have to be active in a particular location to teleport to it.

Wardrobe Items


Wardrobe Items are not just for appearance. The best wardrobe Items I recommend are the wings which let you float in the air by repeatedly pressing the jump key, the rocket boots, which lets you cover distances super fast, and the cyclops laser beam, which lets you destroy objects very quickly (and is helpful for a particular battle I don’t want to spoil).

Goat Simulator 3 is available on PC through Epic Games, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

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