How to turn off Motion Blur in Tower of Fantasy

If you're playing on PC, be sure to remove sources of eye strain in Tower of Fantasy!

by J.R. Waugh


While playing Tower of Fantasy, you will want to immerse yourself into the world as much as possible, and for PC players the game might have some visual issues it can be hard to look past.  One particular concern is the use of Motion Blur, which, while adding a cinematic feel, can be known to cause eye strain and isn’t immediately popular with a large and vocal amount of the PC gaming community, attributing its use to things such as masking low framerates, and not often being worth it.  How can you turn off this feature for a smoother gameplay experience?  Read on for our guide on How to Turn Off Motion Blur in Tower of Fantasy!

How to turn off Motion Blur in Tower of Fantasy

Motion Blur as a feature seems to not be as readily changeable in the current build for Tower of Fantasy on PC, which currently lacks a direct settings option in the menu. However, you can edit the game’s files from your computer’s AppData directory after following the steps below:

  • While in-game in Tower of Fantasy, open the menu (‘Esc’ key) and select ‘Settings’, hit ‘Display’ on the left, then ‘Advanced Settings’ on the right.
  • Scroll down to Post Production—check the box saying ‘Low’
  • Close the game, allowing you to edit the game’s .ini file
  • Open your file explorer, and go to the Users directory, typically the default is C:\Users\(your User Name)\AppData\Local\Hotta\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor
  • Open Engine.ini—scroll to the bottom, and type the following lines at the bottom of the file:


Save the file after entering this string at the bottom, and reopen Tower of Fantasy, and your blur issues should be resolved.

This concludes our guide on How to Turn Off Motion Blur in Tower of Fantasy!  Be sure to check out our other guides and equip yourself for your adventures!

- This article was updated on August 12th, 2022

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