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How to Unlock Chris’s Dad’s Cell Phone in Captain Spirit

No environmental clues will give you the answer.

by Dylan Siegler


There’s a lot to do in DONTNOD’s new adventure game The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit. Most of the game’s various activities are pretty self-explanatory, and you should probably be able to figure out how to do most of what the game offers without too much difficulty. There is one puzzle in particular, however, that is pretty hard to figure out. That puzzle is figuring out the PIN number to unlock the protagonist’s dad’s cell phone to play the Mustard Party 2 minigame.

Unlock most codes or PINs in the Life is Strange series, you won’t find the PIN to this cell phone by plugging in some important date that you can find through environmental clues, or by trying any number you find somewhere in the game. Instead, you kind of have to take a wild guess. On phones’ dialing pads, there is a number that corresponds with each letter of the alphabet. “1” is skipped for some reason, then “A,” “B” and “C” correspond with “2,” “D,” “E” and “F” correspond with “3” and so on. Using this method, you have to spell out “HAWTDAWG” using the corresponding numbers, since gaining access to the phone lets you play a minigame based off of Hawt Dawg Man.

For those who don’t want to actually look at your phone’s keypad and figure it out on your own, the code you will need to type in to play the game and check it off Captain Spirit’s to-do list is “42983294.”

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