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How to Unlock Mayhem Mode – What is Mayhem Mode in Borderlands 3

Want to really power-level in Borderlands 3 in the post-game?

by William Schwartz


Mayhem Mode is a mode in Borderlands 3 that makes the game a lot harder, giving players higher tiers of enemy difficulty to fight through.  If you’re looking to level up fast, Mayhem Mode is one of the best ways to level up and power-up your character very quickly in the endgame and improve Guardian Rank.

What is Mayhem Mode

After you’ve inserted the Vault Relic into one of the obelisks on Sanctuary you activate Mayhem Mode.  There are varying difficulties within Mayhem Mode, from Mayhem 1 all the way up to Mayhem 3.  Each one of these modes will have boosts to enemy health, shields and armor, making it a lot tougher than the standard difficulty.

What do you get from playing Mayhem Mode?

You will basically get more of everything when you play in Mayhem Mode.  Mayhem 1 will give you 200% increase in Loot Quality and overall gain in experience, Eridium, and cash.  However, alongside the tougher enemies you’ll also be facing enemy mods which can make them even more difficult.

Each tier has different potential Mayhem Mods, but as you go up the difficulty scale from Mayhem 1 to Mayhem 3 you will see up to a 900% increase in loot quality and XP, Eridium, and cash.


Where do you activate Mayhem Mode?

Again, you’ll need to head back to Sanctuary and insert the relic into one of the three slots on the machine as shown above.  If you haven’t beaten the game you will not be able to see this item on the map or in this room.  It will be located on the top floor of Sanctuary, just past Hammerlock’s quarters on Sanctuary.

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