How to Unlock New Paths in Darkest Dungeon II

Does the walker choose the path or the path the walker?

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
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Are you wondering how to unlock new paths in Darkest Dungeon II? In Darkest Dungeon II, paths are crucial in tailoring a hero’s abilities and gameplay. However, it’s essential to remember that obtaining new paths is separate from acquiring new skills for your heroes. To help you out, we have prepared a comprehensive guide on unlocking new paths in Darkest Dungeon II.

How to Get New Hero Paths in Darkest Dungeon II

Heroes in this game have various specializations or paths to choose from. Each path has unique strengths and weaknesses that can affect how you use the hero in the game. For instance, one path of The Highwayman will strengthen his melee attacks but weaken his ranged attacks, while a secondary path will do the opposite. Depending on which path you choose will determine his rank placement when you are assembling your team.

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Paths are unlocked for use at the Altar of Hope. However, you can only access the Alter of Hope when you finish an expedition (it doesn’t matter if you beat it or your party was slain).

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Once there, you will want to head to The Living City tab, where you will see all heroes listed. Then, hover your mouse over the pips to the right of the hero’s picture to see what you can unlock. These pips allow you to improve your heroes by increasing their resistances and unlocking unique trinkets or new paths.

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To unlock a path on the track, you need to start from the left and work your way to the right, unlocking each pip along the way. If you want to unlock a path in the middle of the track, you must first unlock all the pips before it by spending the required number of Candles of Hope.

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Once unlocked, they can be assigned at The Crossroads when you assemble your party. The newly unlocked path is under the tab with the ribbon icon. Left-click the path, and it will be assigned to the hero.

Please remember that once you depart from The Crossroads, any chosen path for your hero cannot be changed. This is a critical reminder since all paths reset after completing an expedition, and you will need to set them again before starting a new journey.

Note from the author: I created this guide while playing Darkest Dungeon II on my PC through Steam.

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