How to Unlock Pocket Circuit in Like a Dragon Gaiden

Revisit this beloved minigame in Like a Dragon Gaiden!

by Marc Magrini
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Players can unlock the beloved Pocket Circuit minigame in Like a Dragon Gaiden, but they’ll need to put in some work for it beforehand.

Pocket Circuit returns from Yakuza 0 and Yakuza Kiwami, giving players the chance to customize a toy car and race it against their foes. This minigame is one of the more unique additions to the franchise, and long-time fans might wish to see how it has changed over time. To unlock Pocket Circuit in Like a Dragon Gaiden, fans will need to get decently far into the main story first.

When Can Players Unlock Pocket Circuit in Like a Dragon Gaiden?

In this game, Pocket Circuit is unlocked during the second chapter. It becomes available just after completing a long battle to rescue an ally. With how long the first two chapters are, this means that you’ll spend a lot of time simply trying to get to Pocket Circuit. Luckily, the main story will eventually put you on a direct path to its location, pretty much making it impossible to miss.

Even before you get access to Pocket Circuit, you can still prepare for it. Certain shops will sell parts for the minigame, including the Akame Shop you’ll gain access to earlier on. Once the building for Pocket Circuit becomes available, it will also sell parts that you can buy without too much trouble, thanks to the game being very generous with money. If you’ve been completing substories during your adventure, you should have no trouble getting everything you need for full Pocket Circuit customization.

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While Pocket Circuit doesn’t have as much overall content as in previous entries, there’s still quite a lot to do with the minigame in Gaiden. It offers plenty of circuits and some in-depth customization options. You’ll even be able to race with Akame after bonding with her enough times, so there’s plenty to look forward to outside of just winning a couple of races.

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