How to Unlock Ranked Rewards in Fortnite

Complete Urgent Quests to unlock exclusive rewards in Fortnite's Ranked mode.

by Thomas Cunliffe
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From Sprays to Emoticons, Banners, and even Emotes, Fortnite’s Ranked mode allows players to earn unique rewards every competitive season. This article explains how to unlock rewards from playing Fortnite Ranked mode, what an “Urgent Quest” is, and which cosmetics you can earn right now.

How to Earn Ranked Rewards in Fortnite

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Every competitive season in Fortnite has unique rewards players can unlock by completing Ranked Urgent Quests. By going to the Quests tab, you can track how many Urgent Quests you’ve finished and check how many more you need to complete to earn the next reward.

What are Ranked Urgent Quests in Fortnite?

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Once you’ve jumped from the Battle Bus during a Ranked match, you’ll receive an Urgent Quest. Unlike traditional Fortnite Quests, you can only complete these during the match you receive them.

Urgent Quests are typically simple, like dealing damage with a specific weapon type or landing headshots.
In our experience playing Ranked, we were able to easily complete these quests before being completely obliterated by sweats in the top 25.

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All Fortnite Ranked Rewards in Season Zero

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In Season Zero of Fortnite Ranked, you’ll need to complete a total of fifty Ranked Urgent Quests to unlock every reward. Players will earn a free Cosmetic with every five quests completed. Once you’ve unlocked all Ranked rewards, you’ll also obtain the Burn Bright Emote, which changes color with your current rank.

All Season Zero Ranked rewards include:

  • Get in the Ring Loading Screen (5 Quests completed)
  • Trophy Banner Icon (10 Quests completed)
  • GG Gnarly Emoticon (15 Quests completed)
  • Purrpendicular Spray (20 Quests completed)
  • Skull Heart Banner Icon (25 Quests completed)
  • GG Gleam Emoticon (30 Quests completed)
  • Shark Surfers Spray (35 Quests completed)
  • Rocket Banner Icon (40 Quests completed)
  • Knuckles Up Emoticon (45 Quests completed)
  • Quad Squad Spray (50 Quests completed)
  • Burn Bright Emote (All Ranked rewards redeemed)

Don’t worry if your Battle Royale skills are a little rusty, as players of any rank can every reward. It’s also completely free for all players; no Battle Pass required! Though players were a little wary of Arena’s removal, it’s safe to say that Ranked is looking like a fantastic addition to Fortnite’s competitive scene.

This guide was written playing Fortnite v24.40 on Xbox Series X.

- This article was updated on May 17th, 2023

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