How to Unlock the Arena in Armored Core 6

Learn how to face AI-controlled ACs in one-on-one battles!

by Marc Magrini
Armored Core 6 Review Combat
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Armored Core is a franchise that gives many enemies the same tools as players. Throughout the game, rival ACs will be fought in fast-paced combat, with many of them employing vastly different weapons and strategies. Trying to find the right techniques in defeating them can be difficult, especially when these foes are commonly accompanied by reinforcements or odd terrain. Players should learn how to unlock the Arena in Armored Core 6 if they want an easy way to practice against enemy ACs.

Requirements to Unlock the Arena in Armored Core 6

To access the Arena, you’ll simply need to continue completing sorties. It will become available not long after completing Operation Wallcrawler, though completing that mission in particular won’t let you jump into the mode just yet. If you want an easy time unlocking it, just do a quick run-through of the data retrieval mission that appears up after the operation. Once you complete that, the Arena will be unlocked.

The Arena contains many different pre-configured ACs to battle against, with more than a few of them representing foes that appear in the main storyline. You’ll have to prepare with just the right weapons if you want to take them down, but there’s no need to worry about a penalties. Winning a fight will give you some cash you can spend on extra parts while increasing your rank. Getting to higher ranks will require further completion of the main story, though, with Rank E fights only becoming available at the start of chapter 2.

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The bonuses for completing Arena fights are well-worth the effort, so all players should jump into them as soon as they can. On top of weapons, it’s also important to consider how effective other parts — such as legs — can be during AC fights. Experiment with the resources at your disposal to obtain victory and reach the highest rank possible!

- This article was updated on August 25th, 2023

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