How to Unlock the Olive Camo in Modern Warfare 2

This is how you get the olive camo in Modern Warfare 2.

by Michelle Cornelia

For some people, playing Modern Warfare 2 is about being sneaky and discreet. That’s where the olive camo comes in handy. Its dark green color with black and white accents blends nicely with a lot of environments, making anyone using it harder to spot. But how do you unlock this game-winner camo? This guide will explain how to unlock the olive camo in Modern Warfare 2!

How to Unlock the Olive Camo in Modern Warfare 2

To unlock the olive camo in Modern Warfare 2, you must complete the first base challenge for the 556 Icarus. However, since the 556 Icarus is an LMG based on the M4 platform, you need to unlock this weapon first by getting the M4 assault rifle to level 18. Once you have unlocked the 556 Icarus, you can get the olive camo by getting 50 kills with it. 

One of the best features of Modern Warfare 2 is its wide range of customization. For starters, players can choose a weapon camo. While gold, platinum, orion, and the others look great, the olive camo is the best if you prefer a simple and matte finish. 

Moreover, the color of this camo helps disguise your presence, as it doesn’t stand out like the others. This advantage can help you complete tough challenges that require you to lay low, such as getting point-blank kills and longshot kills.

It would be best if you use the right loadout and attachments for the 556 Icarus to make things easier. Once you’re good to go, hop in some multiplayer matches and earn as many eliminations as possible. If you’re struggling with getting kills, try reducing the recoil of your gun and inviting some friends to back you up.

Another strategy you can use is to wait in a corner and eliminate whoever is passing by. Although this isn’t the most ethical method, it may help you progress one step closer to unlocking the olive camo. That sums up how to get the olive camo in Modern Warfare 2. We wish you luck!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II is available right now for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

- This article was updated on November 16th, 2022

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