How to Unlock the Unchained Fury Blueprint in MW2

Give your ISO Hemlock the appearance it deserves and unlock the Unchained Fury blueprint.

by Carlos Hurtado
Image: Infinity Ward

MW2 season two is the latest season released on Modern Warfare 2, and it came with new weapons, blueprints, operators, maps, and game modes. Most Call of Duty fans are eager to unlock all the content before the new season comes, and players get a new set of unlockable content. Many players are still unlocking all the sectors in the battle pass, but some players still wonder how to unlock the Unchained Fury blueprint in MW2.

How to Unlock the Unchained Fury Blueprint in MW2

To get the Unchained Fury blueprint, players have to unlock all the Battle Pass sectors in Modern Warfare 2 season two’s battle pass.

Unlocking the Unchained Fury blueprint will take a while for most players. Every sector has four base rewards and a final one that, in most cases, is an operator skin, a new weapon, or even a vehicle skin. Getting to this reward will take more than a couple of hours, so players should start grinding right now to get it before the season ends.

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The Unchained Fury blueprint is for the ISO Hemlock. This is the newest assault rifle added to MW2 and Warzone 2, and most players love it. The rifle is so good that it got banned from the ranked game mode as many players thought the assault rifle was too powerful and other rifles could not compete with it.

The ISO Hemlock is similar to the TAQ-56, but it feels a lot more powerful when it comes to damage output. Killing enemy players at medium distances is more than easy with this rifle, so if you have not tried this rifle yet, make sure you get the best ISO Hemlock loadout you can.

Most Modern Warfare 2 fans are waiting for Season Two Reloaded and all the new content it will bring when it becomes available. Many players are currently fixed on the new ranked game mode, and if you are one of them, you should consider looking into the best classes for ranked in MW2. You will need them to succeed and get out of bronze.

Unlocking all the sectors of season two’s battle pass may seem intimidating, but you could take steps in each of your play sessions to unlock them a bit faster than other players. Team-focused game modes like domination and control or even bigger game modes like Ground War can be good for farming XP.

Playing Warzone 2 or DMZ will also help you at gathering battle pass XP, so you could grind on Ashika Island for a couple of hours while completing contracts and killing AI opponents. Any of these actions will help you gather tons of XP in your playthroughs. Players can also get paid help through some battle pass XP tokens and boost the amount of XP they get from each match.

- This article was updated on March 8th, 2023