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How to Upgrade Solstice Armor in Destiny 2

Complete specific challenges for each piece of armor to upgrade the set.

by William Schwartz


Getting the Solstice Armor in Destiny 2 is just the first part of the Solstice of Heroes event.  You’ll actually need to complete challenges if you want to tap into the armor’s full potential.  If you haven’t already gotten it, you’ll want to head to Eva Levante’s new location in the Courtyard of the Tower.  You’ll need to complete a few things to get all of the Solstice Armor pieces.

Once you’ve got the full set, that’s when you’ll be able to start upgrading the Solstice Armor.  What you’ll need to do is complete challenges and raise the levels of the armor pieces as a set.

Destiny 2 — How to Upgrade Solstice Armor

Each piece of armor can be found in your inventory and you can inspect each piece to determine what challenges you need to complete for each.  To Upgrade the Solstice Armor you’ll need to upgrade each piece one by one.

When you get the armor, each piece of it will be labeled as “Drained.”  After you’ve completed the challenges for each Drained piece you will upgrade the armor to Renewed.  After completing the Renewed Challenges you will upgrade the armor to Majestic and finally to the Masterwork stage.

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