How to use a Copy Ability’s Full Moveset in Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Make use of brand-new attacks and classic moves!

by Marc Magrini


To make way for its new style of gameplay, Kirby and the Forgotten Land ended up cutting down on many of the different ways players could use Copy Abilities. This change ended up spreading to the pause menu, making it difficult for players to discover every move their ability can use. However, using a Copy Ability’s full moveset is still very possible within the game. This can be done through a combination of experimentation, exploration, and – for long-time fans – simply by remembering how those abilities worked in previous titles.

How to Use a Copy Ability’s Full Moveset in Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Some abilities, such as Crash, have a simple one-time use that involves pushing (and sometimes holding) the B button. Other abilities incorporate their attacks into more parts of Kirby’s actions than one might realize. In other words, some Copy Abilities can change Kirby’s basic abilities. For example, sliding with the Sword ability will cause a special attack to occur. Pressing A during the slide will make Kirby jump with the sword in hand, and pressing B at the height of Kirby’s jump will make the player slam down in a vicious combo! This classic move appeared in many previous Kirby games, and it can prove very helpful when battling foes to rescue hidden Waddle Dees or while facing off against strong bosses in the Colosseum.

If you feel you haven’t been experimenting enough, you might be surprised to learn that Treasure Roads serve as great guides to learning a Copy Ability’s moveset. An early Treasure Road involving the Ice Ability will teach the player to mash B, making them use a move they might not have known about otherwise. A lot of these moves also change when upgrading a Copy Ability in the Weapons Shop at Waddle Dee Town. Try out as many different techniques as you can to use the full power of Copy Abilities!

Kirby and the Forgotten Land is an exclusive title for the Nintendo Switch.

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