How to Use Stairs in V Rising

Can stairs help you reach new heights in V Rising?

by Marc Magrini


There are many ways players can customize their castle in V Rising. Players can move the heart of their castle or outright destroy it if they find a more suitable location to rest in. However, there are some vampires that would simply be happy with taking advantage of all the different things they can create. One such construct is stairs, which can give some nice decoration to a castle’s exterior. But figuring out how to use stairs in V Rising can be surprisingly difficult, as their use in the game is somewhat limited.

How to Use Stairs in V Rising

Stairs can be created with wooden planks, and like most buildable objects, they can only be placed near or around borders connected to a castle heart. However, stairs can only be placed outside on walkable slopes. In other words, you’ll either need a lot of borders or a castle heart close enough to a cliff in order to make use of stairs. You don’t need to place borders on the slopes themselves; just place the stairs next to a border that’s connected to a slope.

The purpose of stairs in V Rising seems to be mainly cosmetic, offering little functionality outside of aesthetic improvements. Even so, with enough creativity, it’s possible to use stairs as a makeshift second floor by finding a small accessible plateau. Simply use the stairs to connect the raised floor with the ground. It’s not a very freeform solution, but it’s an option for players that want to spruce up their castle. For the most part, stairs are pretty much an optional aesthetic choice for players to enjoy. It might be better to use planks for other creations, such as explosives. Of course, this is all up to player preference. If you have an abundance of planks and a nice cliff or two next to your castle, there isn’t much reason not to make a nice-looking set of stairs!

V Rising is available in early access on Steam.

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