Is Crab Champions Coming to PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch?

Can I get crabby on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, or Nintendo Switch?

by Noah Nelson
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Crab Champions is a surprise-released roguelike that is similar to Risk of Rain but much more crappy. Because it was released out of nowhere and is still in early access, will Crab Champions come to PlayStation, Xbox, and/or Nintendo Switch?

All Crab Champion Platforms, Explained

We know you can play Crab Champions multiplayer, but what platforms can the game be played on? Currently, Crab Champions is only available on PC via Steam.

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The game was released in early access on April 1, 2023 (and no, this game isn’t an April Fool’s joke) which means it is relatively new. With the game being so new and being made by one person, plans for porting Crab Champions to other platforms have not been shared.

Where Can I Play Crab Champions?

The only place to play Crab Champions currently is on PC via Steam. The costs around USD $10.00 and is filled with guns, perks, and much more. If you love fast-paced roguelikes, then you’re guaranteed to love Crab Champions.

If you want to keep up with all things Crab Champions, the best way to do that is to follow the official Crab Champions Twitter. There, you’ll see the latest Crab Champions roadmap, updates, and much more.

We would love to see Crab Champions ported over to PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch, but for now, you can access the game only on PC. The early access period is projected to last around a year or two — long enough for the developer to introduce enough content to fully release the game.

If you want to support Crab Champions, be sure to get the game and keep up with the updates. This is just the tip of the iceberg, so look forward to much more exciting updates to come to Crab Champions.

- This article was updated on April 3rd, 2023

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