Crab Champions: How to Unlock Weapons

Time to start wielding weapons as a crab!

by Gordon Bicker
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Crab Champions has players scurrying around living out their best lives as a crab and some people are trying to acquire weapons. It is no surprise that many make it their utmost priority to get lots of different weapons for the adorable (killer) crab. This article will take you through how to unlock weapons in Crab Champions.

How to Unlock Weapons in Crab Champions

In order to unlock different weapons you will have to visit the main base/hub island. Interact with the totem that has the blue glowing skull on it. You will need to spend 4 keys in exchange for weapons. Keys can be acquired by defeating bosses or other elite enemies; you can acquire the key(s) from the chest loot afterward.

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You can then start your next run with a new random weapon that you got from the totem after spending your keys. There are various types of weapons to obtain: From launchers to snipers and much more, there is plenty to get your claws on. You should keep note of what weapons you have already tried so you can keep experimenting with the full range of weapons.

Is It Possible to Get Keys From Other Activities in Crab Champions?

At this moment, it is unknown if there will be another way added to get keys as the game is still in Early Access. For the time being, defeating bosses/elite enemies is the main way to acquire keys. The bosses themselves may prove a bit challenging for players from time to time. When you get the hang of the controls you will be on your way to defeating bosses quickly and efficiently.

You will have to play through quite a number of runs to unlock all of the weapons — though the time will be fully worth it. Who doesn’t love to spend their day as a crab in a vibrant world? A joyful time awaits you in Crab Champions.

- This article was updated on April 3rd, 2023

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