Best Weapons in Crab Champions, Ranked

What's the crabbiest gun in Crab Champions?

by Noah Nelson
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Crab Champions is a roguelike similar to Risk of Rain but you’re a crab that can wield numerous weapons. With the game still in early access, the current weapons are continuously getting balancing updates, and more weapons are yet to come. That said, here are the best weapons in Crab Champions.

Best Weapons in Crab Champions, Ranked

Crab Champions is an impressive game with a lot of variety thanks to the weapon choices and mods that can be acquired in each run. While each weapon has been buffed and nerfed (and will continue to get that treatment) and the mods you get can really make or break a weapon, here is the base ranking of every weapon in Crab Champions.

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D-Tier Crab Champions Weapons

  • Orb Launcher
  • Rocket Launcher

The worst weapon in the game is definitely the Rocket Launcher. Grenade builds are very strong and do everything a Rocket Launcher can, but better. The Orb Launcher is high D-tier because it’s an easy weapon to use, but it doesn’t deal nearly enough damage.

C-Tier Crab Champions Weapons

  • None

Most of the weapons in Crab Champions are viable options, which means there aren’t any weapons in the C-tier. While there are a few weapons that are currently really bad, most of the weapons in the game are in great positions.

B-Tier Crab Champions Weapons

  • Cluster Launcher
  • Pistol
  • Auto Rifle

The Auto Rifle is the most neutral weapon in the game. It’s not bad, it’s not great. Any build can be paired with it to moderate success. The Pistol is now dual wield and can deal a lot of damage, but there are better alternatives.

The Cluster Launcher is high B-tier because it has a lot of splash damage which can make quick work of hordes, but it isn’t the best weapon for eliminating bosses.

A-Tier Crab Champions Weapons

  • Crossbow
  • Shotgun Pistol
  • Pump Shotgun
  • Sniper

The Sniper is low A-tier because, with the right perks, it can be S-tier but on its own, it can be hard to master. It has a high skill ceiling and steep learning curve, but can be an extremely high damage-dealing weapon.

The Pump Shotgun is an amazing weapon in all circumstances. The Shotgun Pistol is just a smidge higher because it has a higher rate of fire which makes for quicker kills. Both of the shotgun options are some of the best weapons in the game.

The Crossbow is high A-tier because it starts out in an amazing spot that can annihilate hordes of enemies as well as bosses. The Crossbow’s current state makes you feel like a bullet hell boss.

S-Tier Crab Champions Weapons

  • Minigun
  • Blade Launcher
  • Burst Pistol

The Burst Pistol makes the S-tier because it has extremely high damage and a consistent rate of fire. It’s similar to the Shotgun Pistol, but the Burst Pistol gets the job done quicker and is an amazing foundation for any build.

The Blade Launcher is next because it has high damage and each blade will ricochet and eliminates every enemy in the area. This weapon cuts through enemies with ease which allows you to survive for much longer.

At the top of S-tier is the Minigun. This weapon absolutely shreds the competition. The Minigun has high damage and the highest rate of fire. Any build can be used to enhance the Minigun since it is already the best weapon in the game.

- This article was updated on April 3rd, 2023

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