Best Characters in Risk of Rain 2: All Characters Ranked Tier List

These are all the Survivors ranked.

by Christian Bognar
Better with friends.

Risk of Rain 2 is a popular third-person shooter in the crowded roguelike genre category. With critical praise, the game has a massive following across all systems but can still be considered a hidden gem and a cult classic. Risk of Rain 2 features fourteen characters, also known as survivors, in its roster, each with a unique trait or ability that gives them an advantage. That said, some characters are better than others due to their overall range against the game’s enemies. This guide will provide you with our tier list of all the characters in Risk of Rain 2.

Ranking of All Characters in Risk of Rain 2

All Risk of Rain 2 characters can be great once they are mastered and studied how to use them correctly. Still, that doesn’t negate the fact that some are leagues above others. This is our ranked tier list of Risk of Rain 2 characters starting from S to C.

SVoid Friend, The Captain.
AThe Loader, The Railgunner, Mul-T.
BThe Bandit, The Huntress, The Engineer, The Mercenary, Rex.
CAcrid, The Artificer, The Heretic, The Commando.

S Tier

The two characters you’ll find here are the toughest ones to master, but they have the greatest outcome once you do. Void Friend is most likely the last Survivor you will unlock in the game, considering you need to beat the game with purchased DLC. Once you unlock Void Friend, you will notice that this Survivor provides limitless range, high area damage, boss burst, and turns damage taken into damage dealt, which is the most helpful skill in the game. The Captain, on the other hand, leans primarily towards a support character, making him the best choice for multiplayer, but also his abilities are also top-notch for solo play. You can’t go wrong choosing either of these Survivors.

A Tier

Just because they aren’t in S rank doesn’t mean they aren’t some of the best of the best. Their overall range is lower, but you’ll do fine against any enemy the game throws at you with this list right here. For example, The Loader has the best chance in most fights due to her mobile and tanky stature, allowing her to move quickly while dealing severe damage to her opponents. Then you have The Railgunner, who can do a one-hit kill to many enemies in the game by just one quick shot to their weak spot, making this Survivor one powerful ally. These advantages are examples of what you will find at the A-tier level.

B Tier

These are the Survivors who don’t necessarily look good on paper but can have some hidden abilities that are surprisingly strong. You’re finding them lower in the B rank due to them being more challenging to get good with and sometimes not paying off as well as the higher-ranked options. You’ll find some great talent here; for example, The Bandit is a great pick, as once you understand his moves, you will notice that he has the most powerful Backstab in the game and a Smoke Bomb that can make him almost invisible. Next, you have The Mercenary, who can be equipped with certain items that make him undeniably powerful. In other words, don’t underestimate this group of Survivors.

C Tier

This list features characters that can be fun to play with but doesn’t necessarily give you many advantages. Also, despite not being the best, some of them are incredibly challenging to unlock, making them the worst Survivors. Acrid is a good one to point out here because he is very complicated to unlock, and once you do, there is little to write home about. His poison can help against bosses, but it doesn’t do much damage for the smaller enemies, making him pretty useless outside of bigger fights. The Artificer is another stand-out here and is worth mentioning, as it is essential to know that this Survivor is a sorcerer and her cooldown is massive. How can a Sorcerer be great with such a high cooldown? The answer is they can’t.

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Risk of Rain 2 is available now on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on January 19th, 2023