Is Dead By Daylight a Dead Game?

Are people leaving ?

by Davi Braid

Although this idea might be absurd for those who are more involved with the game, some people started asking, “Is Dead by Daylight a Dead Game?

The rumor might have started due to a decline in player count that started last year. According to Steam Charts, Dead by Daylight used to have an average of 40 thousand concurrent players in July 2020, but it slowly dropped to around 35 thousand by the end of that year. That might have caused many people to think that the player base was slowly leaving the game.

The idea that Dead by Daylight is dying could not be further from the truth. Some players might have quickly jumped to conclusions when they receive uncontextualized information. A misinterpretation of trends is most likely what started these baseless rumors.

This is a game that has only gained players since 2017. In fact, the current player count on Steam is over 60 thousand — possibly due to the Resident Evil expansion.

Although it has reached an all-time peak of players, chances are it won’t stay like that for long. It is part of any online game cycle to lose part of its player base over time. That’s why developers are always trying to bring in new players and putting out new content. However, there is also a chance that new players will remain invested or that a new update will increase the number of active players before it goes down again.

In conclusion, if anyone wants a definitive answer to “Is Dead by Daylight a Dead Game?” the answer is a clear “No, it is not.” The game is very much alive, and it is worth playing today, whether you are new to it or not.