Is Need for Speed Unbound Multiplayer?

Can you cruise around Lakeshore with friends in the newest Need For Speed title?

by Shaun Cichacki


If you’re ready to take to the streets with your crew in Need For Speed Unbound, you’ll need to prepare yourself for it to zoom into your life. One of the biggest things you may be wondering is if you’ll be able to play this game with your friends and take to the streets in this anime-inspired racing title.

While the vibes are immaculate in its reveal trailer, one nagging question is hanging over our heads. Let’s dive right into all of the details that are currently available, and find out if Need For Speed Unbound happens to have any sort of multiplayer function, or if you’ll be roaming these streets alone.

Does Need For Speed Unbound Have Multiplayer?

You’ll be happy to know that you won’t need to wander these roads by yourself, as you’ll be able to take part in a multitude of multiplayer offerings. While all of these modes have not been showcased yet, previous entries have had Free Roam and Races available for players to lose countless hours in.

With its unique aesthetic, we can only guess what kind of activities players are going to be able to get themselves involved in. Running towns with unique gangs would be an interesting mechanic, and there is a rumor that there is also a fully-fledged multiplayer campaign available. This would allow you and your friends to work your way to the top of the ladder, and learn the mysteries that the city is holding within.

It will be intriguing to see what EA has in store for fans of the franchise, but it looks like this is a positive step in the right direction to bring longtime fans back into the action. Looking like nothing else on the market with its new visual style, you’ll be able to customize your car to match what your friends are riding in, and you’ll be able to take the nightlife by storm when this game finally releases.

Need For Speed Unbound will be available on December 2, 2022, on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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