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Is Noita Coming to Nintendo Switch?

Can you take this roguelike on the go?

by Kyle Hanson


After years in early access on Steam, Noita is releasing its full 1.0 version on October 15th. The game offers up some truly unique roguelite gameplay all based around its pixel art style. Of course, as a 2d game many assume that there’s not much going on under the hood that would prevent ports to other platforms, but this isn’t your average pixel-art indie release. Still, with its quick pick-up-and-play gameplay many are wondering, is Noita coming to Nintendo Switch?

Is Noita Coming to Nintendo Switch

With is simple visual styling many would think this would be a simple port. Noita isn’t a graphically intense experience, so why couldn’t the Switch handle it easily? Unfortunately things aren’t as simple as that and currently there don’t seem to be plans to release the game on Nintendo Switch. There hasn’t been a firm “no” from the developer, but at this time the only planned platform release is on PC. Still, could it come to Switch or other consoles later on?

Of course anything is possible, but let’s explain why Noita might be particularly tough to get running on Switch. Every pixel in a Noita stage is a simulated object within the physics of the game. Hit the ceiling with an explosive and it can fracture, sending rubble and boulders down which then cause cascading effects as they tumble to the ground. This sort of simulation is extremely CPU intensive and the Nintendo Switch is lacking in this department. Quite a bit actually, in comparison to other consoles and most gaming PCs.

With this in mind the answer to “is Noita coming to Nintendo Switch” will likely remain “no” for the foreseeable future. Plans can always change, but until the developer works on any other ports that will likely be simpler to get running the Switch will remain a low priority. It would sell very well on the handheld, home console hybrid though so don’t get too depressed just yet, especially if that rumored Switch Pro ever arrives.

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