Is Pizza Tower Coming to Nintendo Switch?

Step over, Mario. There's a new Italian on the scene.

by Shaun Cichacki

When thinking of Nintendo platforms, and Platformers in general, there may be a new middle-aged Italian man on the scene. Taking more than a bit of inspiration from a certain plumber’s natural enemy, Pizza Tower is a love letter to fans of 90s cartoons and challenging platformers.

But, is there a chance that Mario himself will have some competition with Peppino Spaghetti storming the scene? With its colorful art and insane madcap soundtrack, players may be looking to take this adventure on the go. Let’s find out if Pizza Tower is available on the Switch, or if it will make its way there.

Is Pizza Tower On Nintendo Switch?

As gamers strap on their aprons and prepare for some of the most exciting platforming action they’ve seen in years, this seems like the perfect title to take on the go. However, as it stands, it seems that Steam Deck users are going to be the primary audience for this particular mode of transportation.

With the game officially releasing on Steam on January 26, 2023, fans have been asking on Twitter, comment sections, and just about anywhere they can about the news of a Nintendo Switch release for Pizza Tower, and have been mostly left on read. While there is currently no news about ports of this title, the surge of popularity it’s been receiving lately on the Steam platform may convince the devs that there is more of an audience than originally anticipated.

One look at this title, and it’s understandable why gamers on a home or portable console would want to play it wherever they can. We can only imagine how well the colors would pop off of the Nintendo Switch OLED display, and there may be a chance that we’ll get to see that in the future, but for now, the closest we’ll get to Pizza Tower on the go is either from a Steam Deck or a local pizzeria.

Pizza Tower is available now on PC.

- This article was updated on February 7th, 2023